How to fix Yahoo Sports App dark, black or blank screen issues

Last Updated on 05/11/2023

When using the Yahoo Sports app, you may get a black or dark screen. This issue mainly occurs when you are trying to watch a live stream of an NFL game.

To see how you can potentially resolve this issue for the sporting application, then you follow this troubleshooting guide at Overly Technical.

1. The first step you should take is to try to close the app.

If you are using a Google Pixel 6 smartphone, for example, you can tap the square button of your device, which will suspend and minimize the Yahoo Sports App. Next, you can swipe upwards on the application in the App Overview menu to close it.

2. If the Yahoo Sports App can’t be closed, then you can try resetting your device.

With the Pixel 6 phone, you can reset by pressing power button and volume up buttons at the same time. Afterwards, you need to select Restart.

3. If your phone can’t be restarted while the Yahoo Sports App is showing a blank screen, then you can try to force your phone to shut down.

For most devices, you can force it to turn off by pressing and holding the power button.

4. If you can’t close the app, restart your device or force your device to shut down, then you unfortunately may have to wait until the battery of your smartphone or mobile device runs out.

If your device feels hot when touched, then you can try moving it to a cooler, well ventilated area as it may be experiencing overheating issues.

5. After closing the Yahoo Sports App one way or another, the next step you should take is to try to update the application by going to its product page on the Google Play Store if you are using an Android device or Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.

6. You should also make sure that your firmware of your device has been updated to the latest available version.

7. We also recommend deleting the storage and cache of the Yahoo Sports App.

To do so with the Google Pixel 6, open the Settings app and then go to Apps > See all apps > Sports >Storage & cache. From the Storage menu of the Yahoo Sports App, select both the “Clear storage” and “Clear cache” options.

8. Before opening the sporting application again, we recommend closing any other apps you have opened.

This is because the Yahoo Sports App will take up a lot of resources, so having multiple apps opened may cause issues as your device may not be able to keep up with running multiple processes.

9. If you are watching a live stream of an NFL game, then we recommend closing the app when there is a commercial break.

Based on our experience, the black screen issue occurs when commercials or a commercial break message is being shown.